For the Loved Ones of Marijuana Addicts


 A person addicted to marijuana is basically controlled by it. The person becomes less interested in any other activity and focuses on marijuana to the detriment of their life goals. Marijuana addiction is a progressive illness and will most times move a step higher to addiction to other drugs and/or alcohol. Marijuana addicts are basically focused on having enough of it and stay high.

Addiction is a progressive and continuous problem. When an attempt by an addict to quit marijuana fails, his implies that the individual is not willing and commitment to that course. When living becomes unbearable without marijuana then that is a classic case of addiction. The moment an addict realizes that they cannot do without marijuana, the dependency becomes an obsession. And when an addict still uses it  even after they have convinced themselves to quit, this is known as compulsion.

Addicts believe that they don’t have any medical problem. Marijuana addicts most especially like to think that they must be “alright” because they feel that there are much worse drugs out there, and someone somewhere is having it worse than they are as a result of their using. That is a perfect example of denial.

Marijuana addiction is a physical, spiritual and mental disease. The physical aspect involves the compulsion; the addiction itself. The mental aspect entails the obsession or the ever burning desire to keep using at the expense of their health. Spiritual aspect of the disease is our total self-centeredness.

Suggestions to Family Members and Friends of Marijuana Addicts

Addicts in recovery have discovered through the twelve steps that they are responsible for their actions and choices.  If a loved one helps an addict prevent a crisis, they ultimately get rid of the opportunity for the addict to solve the problem or fail. This will in turn make it more difficult for the addict to sense the problem and seek necessary help.

As the problem worsens and the addict nears the end, loved ones tend to enable the addict, by giving them the opportunity to postpone the inevitable consequences of their addiction. Although the intention to help maybe borne out of care and help by loved ones, in the form of money (which most likely go into the purchase of more marijuana), rent, pay bills, bail them out of jails and so on. This action of trying to save the addict from themselves is doing more harm than good.

Addicts tend to use guilt, sympathy and anger to trick loved ones. This is a common behaviour used by addicts to get what they want by manipulation or coercing their loved ones into giving in to their demands.

Support For You

When family, spouse or other loved ones are going through an addiction it can also be hard for you to lead a normal and healthy life. You require support too. The 12 step support groups for friends and family, church groups and therapy is a viable option. These support groups can help you live a normal life irrespective of what may be going on with your loved one.

Remember that addiction diseases affects the addicts just as much as it would impact on the addict’s loved ones too.