Foods that you need to eat when you are pregnant


During the tenure of pregnancy there is some food that you need to restrict yourself. This is generally the major topic of discussion in the best online pregnancy communities. The common foods are caffeine, alcohol etc. This brings us to the major question on what you can eat in the first place. Since you are eating for a couple of people there are some foods that are versatile. In fact they taste great and at the same time are easy to consume. As per inputs of pregnancy community forum all these foods encourage fetal development and make sure you are in the best of health. Let us go through the list of foods


Being a food that is incorporated with folate this aids in the process of folate bone development. This is the same case with good fats along with potassium. Being a rich source of vitamin B6 and C, both these vitamins have an important role to play in the fetal tissue development. They are delicious and versatile at the same time. It is good for a mother at this juncture.


The notable feature of yoghurt is that it is loaded with a major portion of calcium. As a person is growing inside you yoghurt appears to be an excellent source and in some ways it offers as much serving of milk. This would be in combination with calcium and folate. A point to be noted for the morning sickness people as yoghurt with its rich source of good bacteria can eradicate stomach upsets.

With carbohydrates you need the extra dose of energy that is needed at this point of time.

Whole grains

Whole grains in the form of quinoa, oats and even propped corn are an excellent source of vitamin B, fibre along with iron. Because of the content of starch it can eradicate nausea and with the extra carbs you do get extra amount of energy. This the pregnant woman might need for the much needed boast. As caffeine is beyond permissible limits, it is likely to be covered with a dose of carbohydrates.


Perhaps an important source of carbohydrates work out to be nuts. Being filled with proteins and minerals in the form of zinc and potassium they are an excellent source of carbohydrates. It is suggested that one should not discount it is easy to find and transport at the same time. When you are in doubt it makes sense to fill up your pockets with almonds.


In technical terms it is not a food, but drinking plenty of water would be of utmost importance during the tenure of pregnancy. For a healthy adult it is recommended that you should go on to drink around 8 glasses of water daily. As a pregnant lady you should drink this much and if possible you should aim for more. This might seem a lot but water has its own benefits. It flushes out the unwanted toxins from your body.