Five Star Ayana Labuan Bajo Komodo Resort


The Ayana Labuan Bajo Komodo Resort is a distinctively designed hotel with the unique distinguishing feature of being the first five star hotel in an exclusive island with outstanding beauty in the islands of Labuan Bajo smack in the middle of the beautiful Waecicu Beach.

The Labuan Bajo to komodo offers superb services in their numerous suites and premium rooms for all their guests. In addition they serve a variety of cuisine to suit all its guests’ tastes in numerous restaurants and bars within the hotel.

Listed are some of the unique features and activities you get to indulge in once you are guest at this hotel.

Enjoy the unique pink beaches around the hotel

The pink beach sands surrounding this hotel make this beach especially unique not only in this location but also around the world. Guests will enjoy swimming in the ocean around the hotel and basking in the sun in these uniquely hued pink beaches. Since they are not so many in the world, take lots of pictures and you will live to remember this experience.

This hotels also offers itself as a wedding venue, the pink beach backdrop helps create its unique wedding venues that are as exquisite as they are romantic and produce indelible memories.

Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragons as they are popularly known are huge reptile lizards unique to this part of the world. You will never see them anywhere else. A visit to this hotels lands you in their natural habitat and there is a high chance that you will get to experience them.

The Komodo Park visit, is an activity that the hotel encourages its guest to participate in, to provide this unique opportunity to view animals that are considered to be endangered and are only found in this area.

This is another unique perk of visiting the Labuan Bajo hotel in the Waecicu Beach.


This hotel is located in the one of the most rugged and picturesque islands in this tourist hub. It offers its guests unique views and experiences of the Indian Ocean and numerous landscapes of islands around the ocean.

In addition to its pink beaches, this hotel is surrounded by island hills jutting out of the Indian Ocean. The Padar Island is a hilly island where guests to this hotel can hike to the apex to have a magnificent view of the world below them.

 Another unique feature, you can enjoy at this five star hotel location is the Rangko caves. These are beautiful caves where guests can swim in the clean clear water which changes color once the sun shines into the cave.

You can also swim around a beautifully sculptured Makassar reef that offers tranquil ocean waters and a beautiful backdrop for your photos.


Another once in a lifetime attraction at the hotel’s location are the dolphins. Visiting this hotel provides you the opportunity to view and play with these intelligent water creatures in their natural habitat.

The Kelor Island and cannibal Rock provide guests with unique snorkeling opportunities whether at night or during the day. These two locations enable guests to view a diverse underwater sea life.

Wainilu is another unique diving site. It is unique for the fact that it starts right from the beach and as you go deeper into the water you will see unique fish species indigenous to this part of the world.

Swimming Pool

If you are afraid of leaving the hotel because you might come across a stray Komodo dragon, you do not have to stay in your room. The hotel offers a variety of swimming pools for both adults and kids. There is a jetty pool designed just for kids. They can play in this pool as they parents relax in the many pool beds as they observe and supervise their playtime. For the parents, this hotel offers two large swimming pools which offer both relaxation and a splendid view of the island.