Ensure Safety with Regular Appliance Testing


Routine PAT tests are one of the best ways to ensure that your electrical appliances are working properly and that anyone who comes into contact with them is not at risk of being injured. While some people may think that they can easily check their appliances by themselves, working with a company that is certified to do this type of testing is the best way to ensure that there aren’t any issues with your appliances.

What’s Included in the Testing

PAT testing doesn’t have to be performed on a set schedule, but it’s smart to have a professional come to you at least once a year to check for the following details:

  • Damage to the casing of the appliance
  • Fraying wires leading to or inside the appliance
  • Passing lead polarity, earth continuity, and insulation resistance checks
  • Potential fire hazards and shock risks

Why This Is Important

Everyone knows that over time appliances can break down, stop working the way they should, and eventually risk failure and even danger for the person using them. Working with a testing company mitigates this risk by making sure your appliance is working the best that it can.  CEMS are a certified PAT testing company, and companies like this one have the training, education, and tools needed to perform PAT testing without any problems.

Everyone should be safe when at work or at home, and PAT testing is a great way to enjoy peace of mind. If you do refuse to get this type of testing done, not only are you putting people at risk for danger and possibly even death, but you are also directly going against recommendations from the health and safety executive.