Enjoy an Old Fashioned Road Trip to Florida


Many residents of the northern states enjoy traveling to Florida on their annual vacation. Many choose to fly. Although this is relatively inexpensive and gets you there quickly, you are missing out on the fun and adventure of an old fashioned road trip. All it takes is a little planning to have a wonderful time seeing the country as you head to your Floridian destination.

Have the Car Checked Out

Breaking down along the side of the road will instantly ruin your trip. Avoid this by having your vehicle thoroughly checked out by a mechanic before leaving. Allow enough time before your vacation to have any repair work completed. Your mechanic can spot any issues of concern, change the oil, and top out your fluids.

Pack Snacks and Entertainment

Spending hours in a vehicle can be boring during certain stretches of the drive. Have movies downloaded on your tablet, bring a favorite book, or have puzzles on hand to pass the long hours. Pack plenty of snacks and drinks too. You don’t want to be uncomfortable or risk anyone having a meltdown due to hunger.

Take Your Time

Road trips are not races. Take your time getting to Florida. Plan to drive only six to eight hours per day. Make reservations at hotels along the way. TheĀ quiet beaches in North Carolina are an ideal resting point. You also want to plan plenty of time each day to stop and explore roadside attractions you didn’t expect to find. Pack a cooler with a picnic lunch, and take advantage of each state’s welcome center for a beautiful meal outdoors.

With a little planning, you can have a wonderful road trip adventure when traveling to Florida. Having the car checked out, packing snacks and entertainment, and taking your time will help ensure that your vacation is a success. Not only will you have a terrific visit to Florida, but you will have been able to see and explore many more areas.