Eating A Chocolate Bar Is Not Enough…..What Else Can Be Done With That


If randomly asked, what you do with a piece of chocolate, most of you would answer that you just love to eat a bar of chocolate directly. Because most of us cannot resist the temptation of a divine solid thing melting in our mouth and sending ripples of happiness in every cell of our body.

There are a lot more thing that can be done with a chocolate rather than just eating it or sending chocolates to Australia or USA to friends. And all chocoholics must try these crazy things in their home and satisfy their hunger for chocolate.

Salmon and Chocolates: Marinade the salmon fish with some rum and lemon juice followed by baking it in oven or grilling it. Now prepare a mixture of molten chocolate and crushed almonds and spread over the salmon to enjoy a lovely meal. The crunchy taste of it would be loved by your friends for sure.

For that chicken sandwich: You must be having only a minced chicken sandwich or the grilled chicken sandwich but how would you react to the chocolate inclusion inside it? You can give your boring or regular chicken sandwich a tropical feeling by including some chopped papaya over that tempting chicken piece and finally before pressing the other bread pour in molten chocolate. You would have heaven in your mouth.

Salad with chocolates: Yes, a salad is meant to be healthy and nutritious to burn those extra calories or to keep a glowing skin. But there is no harm if you include some flakes or chips of chocolates into your bowl of broccoli, lettuce, orange, and cabbage.

For barbeque chicken breast: Next time when you are throwing that barbeque party in your terrace, don’t forget this one. You need to bring in bittersweet chocolates and all other ingredients for coating the chicken breast would remain the same. When you prepare the coating with butter, pour in some bittersweet chocolates also. Rub the chicken breast with this and get it barbequed for a lavish treat.

Share these amazing tips with your friends and family and have fun. And for those who doesn’t like to experiment with chocolates, send bouquet of chocolates in Australia and keep them happy.