Dress Up Your Entry with a New Door

New Door

Many homes could do with a bit of improvement to their curb appeal. Sometimes that involves the lawn and any landscaping. Other homes can get a lift from new shutters or lighting. But for those of you who feel their home could use an updated entry, explore the option of installing a fresh, new front door.

Choose the Style

A new door is a great opportunity to add a little fun to your façade. It is important, however to choose a door with a style that suits your home. Don’t go with a large iron door if you live in a small mid-century house, or a simple flat contractor’s door if your home is a custom designer home.

Get some help from a designer at a home improvement store to choose one that will look great on your home. It will be most helpful if you take a photo of your house with you so they can get a better idea. You may want to consider expanding the doorway and installing side lites to let more light in and give more attention to your entry.


Unless you can install the new door on the old hinges and have it hang straight, it may not be the best idea to tackle it yourself. Some doors come pre-hung and will need the old trim and fittings removed in order to accept the new frame. You would do well to call one of the best handyman services Matthews NC offers to make sure the installation is successful and the door hangs straight, closes flush and swings freely.

And a Pop of Color

Once the door is installed, you may want to add a couple coats of paint to finish things off. Show off a solid wood door with a colorful sheer stain that gets your door noticed and still shows off the wood grain. A standard four or six-panel door will usually come pre-primed and ready to accept any paint color that you think would brighten your entry.

Now that you have a stunning new door for your family and friends to pass through and to catch the eye of passers-by, take it one step further. Dress up the area with a few colorful potted or hanging plants, a couple of comfortable outdoor chairs with pillows and a throw, and ground it all with an outdoor area rug for an inviting and welcoming entrance your guests will remember.