Different Ways to Give to Charities


Sometimes you may want to donate to several causes that are important to you but lack the funds to support them all. If the only thing holding you back from giving more to your charities of choice is having a restricted budget, there are many alternative ways you can show your support.

Donate Useful Items and Valuables

You can donate items that the charity can use to complete their services, such as used vehicles or old computers. Many charities, dependent on what causes they represent, are also happy to receive various used items such as clothing or furniture as long as the donated items are in decent condition. For charities that have more targeted purposes that don’t require specific items such as clothing or vehicles, you may be able to donate valuable items such as jewelry or antiques. Some charities, such as those that look into human auction trafficking, may take valuable items and hold auctions for the public. The proceeds from those auctions can then be used to fund their efforts.

Give Your Time

Many charities have volunteer opportunities available. You can look up volunteer options by perusing the charity’s website online or contacting them directly. Volunteer opportunities may involve community cleanups, assisting as a delivery driver or providing specialized care. If you have special skills, you may be able to make significant contributions if your skills align with your charity of choice.

Be Selective With Your Shopping

Do a little research into where you do your shopping. Many businesses donate a percentage of their proceeds to specific charities. Others will offer shoppers the opportunity to select what charity receives a percentage of the proceeds from their businesses. You can find these opportunities by asking in store and completing a search online.

By using creativity and research, you will find that there are many ways to give to charities without breaking the bank.