Decorate Your Living Room with A Custom Fireplace Mantel


As a home maker, we are in constant search of ways to increase the aesthetic value of our house. Small and simple changes in the room that adds to the beauty of the room are welcomed by all. We seldom ignore the importance of the fireplace as potential decoration of the living room. But, it can beautify your living room exponentially. Simple alterations in the fireplace can divert the focal point of the room, which will flaunt your sense of beauty and home decoration to the onlookers.

How Getting a Fireplace Mantel Can Help?

It is quite clear that ignoring a fireplace in the room is like ignoring major decoration element of the room. Custom fireplace mantel is not an added expenditure but an investment that will increase the overall worth of the room. Repairing the old mantel or replacing it with a new one can give a furnished and polished look to the fireplace.

Wooden mantels are excellent source of giving ethnic look to the fireplace. If you are living in a Victorian style home then nothing can be better than a wooden mantel on the fireplace. It will smudge easily with the decor of the house. You also can stain or paint the wooden mantel as per the decor of the room. This will not only blend the fireplace with the room but also offer uniformity to the onlooker. Wooden mantels are not limited to Victorian or traditional houses but blend equally well with the modern decors. All you must do is change the texture and color, as per the decor of the house.

There are of other mantel options by which you can create your own custom fireplace mantel. You can get the fireplace mantel of granite, marble or any other stone as per the decor of the room. Granite mantels give a sophisticated look to your room while marble mantels add to the luxury of the house.

Fireplace mantels not only adds to the beauty of the house but also acts as excellent platforms to display family pictures, statues and other beautiful and valuable art crafts. It will be a wonderful platform to display your taste for various photo frames and statues.

Selection of Right Fireplace Screen Is Equally Important!

Like fireplace mantels, fireplace screens also play an important role in beautification of the fireplace. It not only has aesthetic value attached to it but is also very important from safety point of view. It plays a key role in keeping the flames well inside the fireplace and works equally good in both log wood fireplace and gas stove fireplace. Apart from that, these screens are also important for the safety of toddlers and pets who can enter the fire area accidentally or unknowingly.

You will get plethora of fire screens when you go to buy the most suited one for you. These screens are designed to match with Victorian, contemporary and modern decors. The selection can be done depending upon your choice, budget and decor of the room.

Bowed fireplace screen is one of the most common types of screens used. The main advantage of this screen is that they can be lifted easily to add fuel or the fire wood. Door screens, folded fire wood screens, mesh wire screen are some other type of screens. In the homes with small children, it is advisable to get a fire screen with a child gate and child latch.