Customer is the king: Know how to keep them happy


Customers can make or break a business. The attitude customers show towards your business is dependent on how you treat them. A common saying is that the customer is always right. The truth is, they are a key factor in the success of your business. Therefore, you have to keep them happy. As a business owner, you should always be aware that the customers’ take on your business is their reality. Keeping your pool of clients is always the key to success of your business. Loyal customers will always attract another group of customers to your business.

The hold that customers have on your business makes them kings, and as a business person, you are technically their subject. As a result, ensure that you treat them like royalty and they will make you smile all the way to the bank.

Ways to Make Customers Happy

Attracting and maintaining customers is every business’ dream. However, at times it can be difficult especially for a start-up business. But, there are some steps you can implement to get the much-needed customer pool for your business to thrive. They include:

  • Listen to customers’ worries, complaints and any other issue that has to do with your business. A lot of people love talking but not listening. But in this case, if you want your business to thrive, you must learn to listen more and talk less. However, do not just listen. If necessary, ensure that you work on any suggestion that they throw your way.
  • Interact with your customers. It will amaze you what you can learn from them once you break down that formal business barrier. Do not be a faceless or nameless business person. Ensure that your customers know you by name and face.
  • Respect your customers. Customers are real people with feelings. A lot of people complain that business owners tend to be rude. Rudeness is a put off for clients and they will feel disrespected. Studies show that at least a third of customers have at some point in their lives come across rude customer service. Studies also show that 58% of these customers end up spreading the word. 89% of customers are reported to start doing business with competitors after having a bad customer service experience.
  • The saying, ‘honesty is the best policy’ has a lot of meaning to it. Customers will always appreciate it more if you are honest with them. If you make a mistake, apologize and make the necessary changes. Honesty goes a long way in building a long-lasting relationship.
  • Always remember that the customer is the king. You will encounter some frustrating customers in your line of business. But bear in mind that no matter what they may demand of you or talk to you, they are always right. Encountering rude and demanding customers is a test you have to pass gracefully. Handle everything with a level of maturity. If the customer shouts at you, refrain from yelling back. A smile goes a long way. Ensure you calm down the customer and reach an amicable position.

The role of Technology in Customer Satisfaction

The modern day business person has an easier time regarding reaching out to customers as compared to the traditional business person. Today, technology is at an advanced stage, and the internet is bringing services and products closer home. Business people are developing applications to make work easier for their customers. However, you need a working application. No customer wants to log into an application or a site and find it not functioning. Therefore, before launching any application, website or software, ensure that you test it first. You do not have to do it yourself. You can contract outside help. One of the companies you can contract is the crowd sprint. They will take your application through the necessary tests regarding functionality, security, and usability. Click here to know more.

Apart from testing, as a business owner, you also have to deal with other issues to do with security. People hear of hacking stories or online invasion of privacy on a daily basis. The U.S Senate is on the verge of passing a cybersecurity bill to address the rising cases of cyber hacking experienced in small businesses.

So how can companies overcome this? How can they maintain customer protection from any online mischief? The good news is that, as a business person, you can go for a security software that will ensure that your customers do not have to worry about security. One of such security providers is the PCI compliance IT security. PCI Compliance is not only applicable to big business but small ones as well. The security provider ensures that the customers have protection when it comes to their credit cards. As a customer, you do not have to worry about any security breach.


Running a business is not your daily cup of tea. It takes commitment and building a customer base. Always remember that your business has a competitor, and every day, you have to ensure that your clients do not run off to the competitors. If you are running an online business, ensure you implement all the precautionary measures. Open an online forum to get the customer feedback. Do not make any promises that you cannot keep. Also be courteous. A simple thank you will go a long way. People start businesses to have a source of income. Wanting high returns from your business is normal. However, be cautious of how you handle your thirst for profit. Prioritizing profit more than customer satisfaction may lead to the downfall of your business. An example of a company that went under due to poor customer relation is the US Airways which was purchased by America West. The company decided to cut on their customer service budget, and as a result, customers became dissatisfied. Soon enough, they were running out of business.