Custom-Made Hermes Replica – – Duo wallets

558 is one site that offers custom made products. There are a ton of reviews about the site and I have come to know that their customer service is first hand. Their Birkin bag and Dogon wallets are their signature bags and these I have ordered so I can give a first hand review on them. There is more to read on their website if you are interested.

What I love about is that they are a top site for replica Hermes bags and this has not changed for all the time they have been in the market. Their communication as well is of a high standard. They make sure to put out every single detail of their products up on their website

Not only do they make handmade quality replicas for their Duo wallets, they also send you a piece of leather sample along with your order. Their custom made ideas are very valuable as they want to please their customers. Whatever colour you might need, they will communicate with their factory to provide that for you. Their craftmen and artisans are one of a kind and will do justice to your bags.

They also send pre shipment photos, if you ask them. If you are not satisfied, they will rework on your order until you are satisfied with what they have given to you. Their leather options are from Italy as all they offer is a high quality leather. Their exotic leather is really exotic leather, so it is best that you expect more than just great quality.

Their payment options include: Western Union, MoneyGram, Credit Cards and Bank Transfer.