Creative Things You Can Do With Pressed Flowers


We all have always known that pressed flowers can make interesting additions to greeting cards and invitations but have you ever known that they can be put to some other perfect embellishments too. Here, we have come up with some exciting project ideas which is going to take the celebration to the next level. So get your creative juices flowing and see how exciting it gets to make best use of dried flowers.

The flowers that you receive from the online flower shops are eventually going to die down. Make best use of it by incorporating them in your own phone case to add that dash of color rather than going for the plain boring looks.

Morning should always be bright and lively with a cup of tea. How about make your chilly morning even brighter with pressed flower petals. Take a solid color tray and paste your pressed flowers on the tray with the help of glue. Once this is done coat it cover it with a plastic sheet to make it last longer. It will be a delightfully colorful tea tray which is going to add a splash of color to your early mornings.

Give a unique spin to your coasters by adding your pressed flowers on it to make them look really amazing. It will make a great conversation starter for all your guests. Pasting the fresh flowers to the neatly polished wood will be make you coasters look more cute and colorful.

You already have a jewelry box which looks quite dull. How about refreshing them with your pressed flowers charm. It will make them look natural and at the same time will be a perfect embellishment for your jewellery box too.

You can also make your wall look more colorful and positive by framing the pressed flower to your living room area. Your blank walls wouldn’t have looked better than this. These framed pressed flowers also make great gifts for the occasions too.

Decorating your candles with pressed flowers is also a great way to accessorize your bedroom. The gleaming light coming from these beautiful looking candles will make the living room look absolutely stunning for every occasion.

Pressed flowers can also be used to make jewelleries. They will not only make unique and exclusive accessories but at the same time will catch the attention of everyone who sees it. You can go for a floral jewellery viz. floral earring or a necklace to give a new look to your dress.

The soft glow of lamps and lanterns always feels nice, calm and soothing. Add a twist to the beautiful glow by accessorizing your lanterns and pasting fresh flowers on them. It will not be beautiful to look but at the same time looks absolutely stunning too.

So the next time flowers arrive your home, you know it right what you have to do with them. Well, these are some of the ideas that we have, you can think of some more too.