Create Your Own Themed Cake with Budget Friendly Manner by Way2flowers


The one of the sweetest dessert that can be found in each special occasion is cake. You can find many other sweetest desserts and delicious desserts yet nothing can be as special as cakes. Cakes are special in birthday, wedding anniversary, and special days like Valentine’s Day, Father’s day, Mother’s day and in most of the celebrations. Most of the people would like to have cake for the special occasion.

Cakes are the important factor when it comes to birthdays, wedding days and many auspicious days. The cakes are getting revolutionized with new techniques and tastes. Since modernity has evolved in many of our foods the taste of cakes is getting wide and exploring more heights. People can simply get buy themed cakes online without any high costs. The cakes can be designed on time with so many themes which are of various genres.

Theme Cakes Online India

At present many themed cakes are delivered from online by Cakes are based on general themes like

  • Wedding theme
  • Minion theme
  • Turing 18 cakes
  • New born baby themes
  • Baby shower themes
  • Sweet sixteen themes
  • Farewell themes
  • Poker theme
  • Barbie theme

These are just some of the theme cakes which are available for online delivery. Order designer cakes online Indiaare becoming trendy at present days. People love to consume more and more themed cakes rather than usual ones.

Bake the Designer Cake

For baking these themed cakes, it takes the minimum time of 3 to 4 days. It is hard to create at spot deliveries for themed cakes. The cakes should be planned with a proper sketch so that it becomes easy to work with decorating. Customers are given chance to customized their cakes with their own ideas and designs. Cakes can be done in such ways to make it look beautiful.

Theme cakes are mostly tall for more than 4 inches. The themed cakes are the combo of various flavors and fondant icing to turn it into perfect shape. To make oval and round cakes are easy but making cakes of BurjKhalifa is so hard which takes lots of ideas to implement.

Flavors of Delight

Such themed cakes are baked with many flavors like

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
  • Vanilla
  • Peanut butter
  • Carrot
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Pear
  • Banana
  • Coconut
  • Salted caramel

These are just some of the flavors which are available in online. Rather than this there are plenty of flavors in online cake shops. It is better to order your cakes before a week which gives enough time to bake and make your perfect themed cake. Themed cakes can be used for any occasion.

Send Cakes Online

In order to send the cake to your loved one you don’t have to buy cakes from the physical cake shops because online would be pretty easier. You can find many online cake shops and cake delivery services online. It seems easier for the people to send cakes through online services as it takes very less time to buy and send cakes through online services. If your loved one is in Noida but you are far away from them, you can still send cakes to him or her through online. Send Cakes to Zirakpur Onlineas there are many services to deliver cakes as per the booking order.