Couple’s Massage


What better way to relax as a couple than to schedule a 30 to 60 minute massage therapy session for each other?

What happens during a couple’s massage?  A couple’s massage is a service that a spa offers in which two people—usually a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, same-sex partners, mother/daughter of even best friends—go into one room and are each massaged at the same time by two separate massage therapists.  The couple’s massage is also termed a “duet massage” or a “duo massage”.

This massage is usually set up to take place in a room at the day spa that is large enough to accommodate to massage tables.

Some hotels or resort spas offer other accommodations besides the massage.  The resort creates a special environment in which the couple not only receives duo massages, but they can also bathe together, get pedicures together, enjoy a steam shower, or sit by the fire and relax after their massage treatment.

How do couples benefit from a couple’s massage?

Couple’s who are at the beginning of their relationship and cannot bear being apart get a lot of benefits out of a couple’s massage.   The spa takes special consideration into creating the perfect romantic setting for the couples who come in for a duo massage.  Romance is the main subject, from the rose petals that are strewn along the tub, a bottle of fine champagne and chocolate, and some lounge time by the fire afterwards.  If this doesn’t spell romance, nothing does.  The main purpose for couples wanting to spend money for this treatment is the alone time they get to spend with each other in the room; what better way to spend time alone in a room then to have it be transformed into the perfect romantic setting?

Another kind of couple’s massage is when two people receive the same treatment in the same room at the same time.  This is a great way to get someone who has never experienced a massage familiar with the treatment.  Men are usually nervous about getting a massage because there is some form of nudity involved (either partial or full) and having the woman in their life present makes it less overwhelming and stressful.

Even if you are not intimate with the person you are sharing a massage with; such as your mother, sister, or best friend, you can still spend time with them.  You can talk to each other during the massage, or you can just relax and enjoy the quiet time.

Are there any negative feelings about couple’s massages?

A lot of spa-goers do not feel comfortable getting a massage with someone else in the room—even if it is the love of their life or a close family member or best friend.  To some people a massage is meant to be a private moment and a time to relax away from the rest of the world, including people.

Whatever your feelings are towards massages (couple or not) a massage is meant for relaxation and de-stressing so if you are in need of some downtime then schedule a massage session for yourself and include your significant other if that is what you want.