Choosing New Window Furnishings – The Appeal of Plantation Shutters


Looking for new window furnishing for your home? There are many varieties of shutters that will inevitably catch your eye, but it’s important to look beyond aesthetics and decide on a shutter variety that offers an attractive appearance and so much more.

For those who are yet to decide on a shutter variety for their residential property, plantation shutters are an excellent choice. Here we look at the appeal of plantations and discuss some of the most important qualities that have made them one of the most enduring shutter varieties available.

Classic Aesthetics

As far as aesthetics go, plantation shutters are king. These attractive window treatments provide a classic look that doesn’t look at all out of place in modern and contemporary homes. In fact, they look great in all residences, regardless of style, making them a highly versatile shutter for all residential properties, one which is available from most leading suppliers of outdoor awnings in Melbourne. If you’re looking for a shutter with excellent aesthetics, plantation shutters are sure to tick all your boxes.

Privacy and Security

When selecting new window furnishings for your home, it’s important to consider both privacy and security in addition to aesthetics. Some awnings, blinds and shutters are a top choice in this regard, with plantation shutters among the most popular. Here’s why:

  • Plantation shutters are a fixed, semi-permanent window treatment that offers excellent security and can serve as an effective deterrent to thieves. These shutters could be removed, but doing so would take a great deal of time, making homes with plantations unappealing to intruders.
  • When closed, plantation shutters offer complete privacy. Even when open they provide greater privacy than most shutter varieties, as their wide blades block much of the view in from outside. Additionally, they offer ease-of-use and you can effortlessly move the blades to enable a view of the world outside during the day and close them at night for total privacy.

For homeowners looking for new awnings, blinds or shutters, plantations offer a level of security and privacy that few alternatives can match. Coupled with their attractive aesthetics, they’re a great choice for all homes.

Sound and Thermal Insulation

Another excellent benefit to choosing attractive plantation shutters over the other varieties available is their superior sound and thermal insulation qualities. Plantations are well-known for helping to block the harmful ultraviolet rays that enter the home, ageing furnishings and your skin, but they also help to block the sound from outside and contain noise from within. This is handy for those who live on busy streets, don’t enjoy listening to the neighbour mow his lawn, or have large surround-sound entertainment systems and don’t want to disturb the good folks living next door.

To sum things up, aesthetically appealing plantation shutters have so much to offer homeowners, including enhanced privacy and security in addition to sound and thermal insulation. With qualities like these, it isn’t at all surprising that they are among the most popular window treatments on the market.