Can Protein-Rich Foods Help You To Speed Up Wound Healing


Skin injuries like burning, blisters need nurture and treatment like medicines and ointments. Not all injuries are the same. Injuries like cut and scraps need extra care and treatment. Also, they require the internal healing process. With medicines, foods and nutrients are also a necessary element in this aspect. Whenever we are wounded, our body needs extra care to cover for that wound.

Along with medication, some internal nurture is necessary as in eating a good source of nutrients. It is why doctors suggest eating healthy to recover from an injury. If carbohydrates make our brain work, then protein helps our muscles to grow faster. Protein makes our body strong as it helps us to grow muscles. Proteins play a vital role in building up broken body parts and torn muscles.

Can Protein-rich foods speed up wound healing?

We eat foods to make our body function. We need energy and nutrients. A balanced diet and proper nutrition make our body work effectively. If you need foods that promote healing skin, then you must consider these foods which promote enhancing tissue production. Foods enriched with protein help our body to recover from an injury. Here are 6 Foods that are very high in protein and also great for healing wounds and scars.


Chicken is a versatile food. We always have to put this at the top of the list of foods that promote healing skin as it is one of the best sources of protein. It is the healthiest meat protein you will ever find. Chicken can be cooked in various ways. You can either fry it or boil it to make soup. The water on which you are boiling chicken can be your chicken stalk. You can use it later to make soup or pour it into your vegetable mix.

Even then your anti-oxidant sources will get the benefit too. If you can sauté chicken breasts and broccoli together that will be a healthy food to eat. Chicken is super easy to make. You can get a good source of protein only by roasting it. You can also eat it with salads and make a curry of it.


The egg is magic, and egg is love. It is the cheapest source of high protein. Eggs are a versatile source of high protein. You can mix it up with all the dishes. Some people say the egg is boring food. But if you use your creativity, then it is not boring at all. Without boiling or poaching, you can use eggs in a casserole, salad, and pasta.


Milk is a protein enriched food. Remember, when we were babies, and we got sick, we were always advised to have milk. Every morning and night we can eat cereal with a cup of milk. If you are lactose intolerant, then you can go for soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk which are also high in protein.


Though a good number of people do not like, they are also high protein enriched foods. Do not throw them out of your list if you want your skin to heal faster. Lentils, Black beans, spilt peas are a good source of proteins. You can use them in soup, pasta or macaroni.


Legumes are an excellent source of protein enriched foods. Peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds have a high amount of protein in them. They are a substitute for unhealthy snacks. Moreover, they help tissues grow faster.

Substitute for Protein:

You can also take a healthy source of protein as soy protein or plant-based protein. Protein supplements also work effectively. You can add protein powder with milk or water. There are multiple types of protein.


Your body requires a good source of protein to heal its wounds. These are not just some ordinary foods. Instead, they are some great nutrients that give a boost to make your body work for its healing process. But if you are still not able to heal your wounds, you must consult a doctor immediately.