Brief Note On Online Trademark Registration in India


A Trademark is a crucial step in protecting a startup business. A Trademark is used in a business to indicate a source of the goods and also helps to distinguish those goods from another goods, sold by another business. A service mark is same as Trademark, except that it identified and distinguished the source of a service rather then a product.

It is also important to protect that Trademark from others to use it. The best to protect your Trademark is Trademark registration.

For, Trademark Registration for start up, there is a need to fill a form online.

The official website for e-filing is the IP India Govt. Portal can be accessed via Google or you can consult Company Vakil Expert for in depth details.

Before the application process, the question will be asked, whether it a proprietor, startup or a company.

After choosing start up, the person can proceed further. In the application, there is a need to fill all the details about the owner and the business. The details should be very appropriate and the documents that has to be uploaded must be relevant.

A brand name is very important for a business. There is a need to choose a exclusive and unique brand name for the products.

A brand could be a business name, domain name, product name, logo, design or any feature that distinguishes one product or service from another.

Brand registration in India includes many process such as domain registration, business name registration, Trademark Registration and copyright registration.

Domain Registration: The first step in brand registration or protection is Domain name registration. Domain registration is cheap and instantaneous. Domain name ending could be like .in or or any similar extension. Domain name availability can be checked at Google Domains.

Business name Registration: Business name is a legal name of the entity, that would be reflected on the bank account of business, tax registration, legal documents etc. It is not necessary that business name should match with the brand name or the website of the business. But, it is good to have business name similar to the domain and brand name.

Once a brand name has been decided, the owner can use the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Company to check for available names. Ministry of corporate Affairs does not approve any proposed business name that is similar or identical to any exciting company.

Trademark Registration: Trademark is used to protect the brand name, business name, logo etc.

Trademark Registration is a long process that can take more than one year.

The following procedure is followed for Online Trademark Registration in India :-

Step 1 : Search for a unique Trademark

Step 2 : Create a Trademark application

Step 3 : Fill the Trademark registration application

Step 4 : Examine the Trademark registration application

Step 5 : Publication in the Indian Trademark journals

Step 6 : Issuance of the Trademark registration certificate.

Copyright Registration: Copyright Registration is used to protect someone’s literary, dramatic, musical and artistic Works. If a brand has a unique logo with artistic characteristics, then the logo of the business can be copyrighted.

Application for copyright Registration is made to the Copyright office in a prescribed format. Copyright Registration is a faster work than Trademark Registration.

Copyright Registration takes place under the Copyright Act, 1957 and Copyright rules, 2013

Following is the procedure to followed for Copyright Registration in India.

  1. Application for registration is to be made.
  2. Separate applications should be made for registration of each work;
  3. Each application should be accompanied by the requisite fee.
  4. The applications should be signed by the applicant or the advocate in whose favor a Vakalatnama or Power of Attorney has been executed

Consult Company Vakil Trademark Registration Experts to know more about trademark registration cost and brand registration in india.