Brennan and Clark – Collection Agencies & Things You Can Learn from It


Collection agencies take the onus of collecting delinquent debts from people. They are trained and equipped to make collection calls on behalf of their clients so that pending dues and debts are realized. They resort to legitimate ways to collect debts and return the funds to their clients. However, there are some companies that often call the wrong people for collection of money they do not owe. People with very common names like Jane Smith are mixed up and this is why they receive collection calls on a regular basis. Of course, these calls are very frustrating and it becomes important for you to stop them.

Brennan and Clark- stop collection calls

Brennan and Clark is the name of a leading and credible collection agency in the USA. It has been providing services to clients for 30 years in the field of debt collection. The experts here say when you are looking for ways and means to stop collection calls, you should not avoid them. This will not make the calls stop. Take them and listen to what the other person has to say. Non- payment of dues is not a criminal offence. The caller cannot threaten you with legal consequences as non- payment of dues is a civil offence. Take the help of a skilled and qualified lawyer if you get abusive calls from a collection agency. In case, you do owe dues and need assistance when it comes to their repayment, contact professionals of a trustworthy and experienced collection agency to help you.

How does it feel like working in a collection agency?

Working in a collection agency helps you to develop as an individual. Though at first the task of making collection calls does seem daunting, it is not impossible with the right skill training provided by experts in the field. They teach you how to make calls and remain your composure. There are clients that are difficult to handle however with the right skill training you are able to perform well in your job. The career prospects are good and you are able to enjoy rewards and incentives as well.

Positive things you can learn

The following are the 3 positive things you can learn in a collection agency-

  1. Confidence – You get the confidence in communicating with different people in a respectful manner. Though, you are making collection calls, you will not never resort to abusive and threatening language to recover the debts.
  2. Proactiveness – Your levels of proactiveness increase. You learn to say the right things at the right time.
  3. Body Language – Your body language even on the phone improves. You are taught on how to sit straight, keep your chin up and speak clearly on the phone. This helps you to sound affirmative and positive when you are speaking with a person for collection calls.

Brennan and Clark experts say that a career in a collection agency helps you develop as an individual. It is a lucrative career with positive rewards, recognition and remuneration!