Borneo Nature: The Awesome Places to Visit


Exploring Borneo Nature is such a fun and exciting thing that you better do when you want to spend your spare time in the most perfect way. By doing so, you will be able to feel the best adventurous experiences that you cannot find in any other places for sure. So then, you can make your holiday in Borneo become so hard to forget. Even, perhaps, you will recognize it as the best holiday in your lifetime. Aside of that, the nature of Borneo can also offer you the awesome places that you have to visit whenever you go there. Then, what are they actually? If you really want to figure them out, it will be much better for you to continue reading below.

So, there are so many awesome places that can show you the fabulous Borneo Nature. Some of them are like:

  • The Mount Kinabalu National Park

Your holiday in Borneo will never be complete if you never visit the Mount Kinabalu National Park. The reason why you have to come to this particular national park is because it can offer you so many spots to explore. One of them is the Mount Kinabalu that has the highest peak in the South Asia. It will be a very great idea if you climb this mountain, so that many will remember you as one of the luckiest people who have reached that peak. Then, you can tell everybody about that wonderful experience for sure. Besides, this national park can also be the perfect spot for you who want to research the biodiversity in this area. There are actually so many endemic animals that you can find in the park, such as hornbill, butterflies, proboscis monkey, orangutan, and so on. So, it will never be so hard for you to catch the exotic side of the park.

  • The Kinabatangan River

Furthermore, the other place that you have to visit when you explore the jungle of Borneo is the Kinabatangan River. It is because this river is a kind of excellent place that can offer you the fun rafting and swimming activities. All of those activities will definitely pump your adrenaline so that you can be free from any stress that you might get from your boring routine. Well, there are always the skillful and experienced guides that will accompany you when you do the activities. So, it is clear that you do not need to worry about a thing when you expend your time there. Moreover, you can also see so many various animals while you are exploring the river by boat, which can be like proboscis monkey, hornbill, pygmy elephant, and many more.

In conclusion, they all are some of the awesome places that you have to visit when you want to explore Borneo Nature. Those wonderful places will definitely show you the distinctive and beautiful side of the jungle of Borneo for sure. So, do not ever be surprised if you will fall in love with those places once you have got there.