BMW 2 series- Your go to car


BMW 2 series is probably the smallest sedan in the BMW lineup in even in today’s date. It is like a two door version of the BMW 1 series. Despite being the smallest, it easily competes with its cousins. It delivers powerful performance along with great driving dynamics. This car is pretty fun to drive which is the reason people tend to choose it over the BMW 3 series. It may be better than the 2 series, even though people go for the BMW 2 series. It is mainly because people tend to find this model a bit more sporty and fun. There certainly have been a few new additions to this car which makes it furthermore a better car for you.

BMW is well renowned for its prestigious luxury and sporty cars. These cars offer great deal of comfort with class and luxury. Because of this very reason these cars have really high prices. There may be people who would not be in any condition to get their hands on this vehicle. It may be a dream car for many people out there. But do not worry; there is a way that you can get this car for yourself without burning a hole in your wallet. You can always go for used BMW for sale in India. So there is no need to give up on this car since you always have a window of opportunity.

The excellent engines are really powerful and power this mean machine. You can choose from two new choices which include the 2.0 liter turbocharges four cylinder engine is powerful enough to tap 248 horsepower. However if you choose the 3.0 liter inline six cylinder which is in turn turbo charged as well taps a solid 330 horsepower. The drivers who love speed will definitely love the new upgrade that is the M240i model which has the power to tap 380 horsepower. Driving enthusiast will definitely love the power this car has to offer. They would also be impressed by its solid fuel economy. This car is sheer power and yet can deliver a 24 mpg performance n the city. On the highway it gives you about 35 mpg which automatically marks it for being above average for cars in its class. This car is well reputed and can be relied on easily. It is highly durable as well. You can clearly expect good value for this car even if you go to sell it after two years.  

One of the best parts about this car is that it beats its cousins even in the case of handling. The handling is really smooth and the power always remains in the hands of the driver. The steering wheel is precisely calibrated allows you to take control of this car. The factors like strong suspension and its small size also plays an important role. It will definitely please all the driving enthusiasts out there. This model of BMW is even an all-wheel drive. That is right! The BMW 2 series is one of the few cars to obtain the architecture with rear wheels driving. It provides a better acceleration for the car just like a traditional race car. This car even makes sure that the occupants remain safe every time in any situation. This car is so potent and extremely careful with its safety that it never got a negative mark even once in any of the safety tests. It has passes all of its crash tests with top ranks.

Imagine cruising down the streets in this mean machine. You are bound to turn many heads while driving. This car was born to define excellence. So if you are looking for a small sedan with sportiness, this is your go to car!