Best Wedding Venues Around the World


Wedding is an extremely important in our lives. It is the time when we go ahead to show the world our love for our better half and take a wow to stay together forever. But, the excitement of the wedding can easily fade away if the logistical tension gets on to you. What if we say, we can offer you a list of perfect venues, where you just don’t need to worry about the capacity or the catering facilities and still have a memorable reception? Do not thank us yet, first check out this list of best wedding venues around the world:-

  • The British Library, London
    One of the most unusual venues for wedding, the British Library is the national library of United Kingdom. It is an extremely magnificent library and has all the provisions for you to have your dream wedding. The accommodation capacity of this place is 250 people and can cater up to 280 people.
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich
    Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich is one of the best wedding venues in the World for certain reasons. Firstly, it is located in Switzerland, secondly it boasts of 330 rooms and a catering capacity of about 700 people. If you are looking at a large gathering and also for a place to put up all your guests for an affair that extends for longer than a day, then Radisson Blu is definitely a perfect place to be at!
  • The Petersham Hotel, Surrey
    With 58 bedrooms and a catering capacity of 60, this hotel is simply perfect for an intimate wedding. The location is also extremely favourable as it is situated only 8 miles away from the centre of London. With exquisite meal preparation, having a wedding at this place would definitely be a memory of a lifetime.
  • Edinburgh Corn Exchange, Edinburgh
    One of the largest venues in the whole of Scotland, this place can accommodate up to 3000 people. Although there are no bedrooms here, but yet this place is extremely beautiful and worth having your wedding ceremony in. With history and classical music at your disposal, go organize that big fat wedding and give your guests something to remember you by.
  • Manchester City Football Club, Manchester
    Simply perfect for your football fanatic better half, organizing a wedding here would be a great way to display your sporty side to the world. This place can accommodate up to 450 people and has a catering capacity of about 900 people, simply perfect to accommodate all your guests.
  • University of Exeter, Exeter
    This is definitely one of the most off beat venue in our list of best wedding venues in the World. If both of you are college sweethearts, then having a wedding here would be a perfect option since it would be a representation of your story. With a large space and a wedding license in place, the event location here can accommodate up to 1435 people and boasts of a catering capacity of 1800 people.