Best methods to send money abroad

money abroad

If you want to send money abroad, then you would want to use the best way. This is to avoid instances where you send the money and the person do not get the money at all or had to wait for some days before he was able to access the money. This is especially when the person wanted to use the money for an urgent and important need. There are many ways money can be sent abroad including using platforms that demand you and the recipient to have an account with them as well as options that will get the money directly to the recipient’s account. This article will discuss the factors that the best methods to send money abroad must include.


The first thing you want to make sure of is that the international fund transfer method is reliable. From the many different ways that depict how to transfer money abroad, you want to be sure that when you transfer funds online, the recipient will get the money. You also want to be sure that the recipient will only not get the money on the condition that you made a mistake on his details, in which case, the money will be returned to your account along with an email indicating the reason why the transfer failed. This is what reliability is all about. You don’t want to be kept in the dark for days while being harassed by the intended recipient, who if he was an employee, might have stopped work or even started destroying previous work he has done because that was the first payment and he was thinking you are only deceiving him. Thus, it could be costly for you and/or the recipient of the money if you use a platform that is not reliable.


Another thing you want to consider when you are looking for the best methods to send money abroad is speed. How quickly will the recipient receive the funds that you have transferred? Furthermore, you want to know how soon he can start using the money. This is considering there are some platforms that deliver the money instantly, but will lock it for a few days before releasing it to the recipient. Even though this is great to reduce successful fraud, you might not need it if you are properly protecting yourself from scenarios that will make it possible for a criminal to access your account and make transfers abroad.


The best methods for international fund transfer should also be among the cheapest while maintaining reliability and speed. As a result, you might prefer an option that will send the money directly to the account of the recipient. This way, all charges are done once and for all. However, if you are sending through a different online platform where both of you has an account, the platform will collect their charges. They could charge you for funding your account from your local account, then charge you for the transfer of money to the recipient’s account. By the time the recipient is sending to his bank account, the platform will collect another charge for the transfer and his bank might also charge him for same. Generally, direct transfer to the recipient’s bank account will make sure the charges you incur are minimal compared to using other platforms that require you both have accounts and that the recipient can’t spend the money directly from until they transfer to their account.