Best 8 Zoom Alternatives


Zoom Cloud Meetings is a useful video conferencing tool which enables you to hold online meetings, webinars, online training with people located in various places all across the world. It is a great tool for those who are always on the go and still need to be kept “in the loop”. Its free version lets you host a Meeting consisting of up to 50 people.

Although it seems to work well, it still has some drawbacks which makes it difficult to streamline the video conferencing experience. If you have been using Zoom Cloud Meeting for one time, but finally find it’s not so compatible with your company, and want to make a change. You’re already in the home stretch. The following tells you best 8 Zoom Cloud Meeting Alternatives.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the best Zoom alternative available for small, medium and large enterprises. It features in HD audio and video, meeting scheduling, online whiteboard tool and easy screen sharing. It also has an instant messaging feature that is useful when setting up a meeting. It is easy to build and invite other participants to join your private channel. It contains some excellent meeting tools which help make your network flexible, whatever the situation is. This alternative to Zoom gives you excellent video conferencing experience to keep connected and collaborate with others online.


Skype is a free VoIP service and video conferencing for PC, Mac and Linux. Skype is also available on smartphones and tablets with dedicated apps. You can chat (even in group mode), make voice and video calls (even in HD), send large files, share the screen, etc. Video calls are limited to ten people, but there are many third-party software that allow you to add more people and also record conference sessions. There is also a widget for your website.

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is a free instant messaging tool produced by Microsoft. Available for PCs, Macs and Mobile Phones with Windows Mobile, this alternative to Zoom Cloud Meeting can also be used to send heavy files and support integration with the Xbox console. An integrable widget is available, but Live Messenger can not be used for public conferences. There is support for HD video calling, but there is no functionality for recording audio or video calls.

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger is a free instant messaging and video conferencing solution. Available for PC, Mac and Linux, it can also be used to send files of any size. Among the various features, the noteworthy one is the voicemail service, but you can not record audio or video calls or even organize public conferences. There is also an official widget to integrate into your site, but there are many solutions on the web that will help you do so.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a Zoom alternative that lets you chat with other Gmail user in the same window of your browser as you manage your emails. Completely free, it is available for PC and Mac, Android or iOS devices and browser. It is really simple and allows you to both chat and share the video. You can not record the session, publish a widget, or even organize public conferences.


SnapYap is a web-based video conferencing tool. After you have completed a simple registration form, you can create your own free room for video conferencing, where other people can come in and chat with you. If you have a SnapYap account, just enter your username or email address to enter the room. The services of this Zoom Cloud Meeting alternative also offers a video message service and widget for your website.


Boostcam is a simple free and web-based Zoom alternative to make video conferencing in pairs. Without having to register, you can create a virtual meeting room where your webcam and friend’s videos will be shown. To share your room, you just have to copy and paste the personal URL that Boostcam creates for you. You can not record sessions, organize public conferences, or integrate a dedicated widget on your website.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger allows video calls with your friends without time limits and completely free of charge. All you need is the normal web browser you use to surf the Internet and a short setup, to do just the first time you use the video conferencing feature. If you do not want to use the webcam, you can simply use your voice. Only your friends can call you on Facebook and you can ignore the calls you do not want to receive. You can not record sessions, organize public conferences, or have a widget to be published on your personal website.