Benefits Outreaching the Inherent Risks of Long Distance Marathon Running


Running provides an efficient full body workout, burning tons and tons of calories, bringing the body in shape and provides a great venue, where people can socialize and improve their emotional state of mind. Once the new runners have mastered how to complete the five thousand miles, they start to begin training for the longer ones. Even when they complete running ten thousand miles for quite a few times, some of the runners even start thinking of training the full marathon.

Marathon has got a long history of its own. For the first time, these 26.2 miles of races was completed by the Athenian Phelidippides who ran slightly less than 26 miles, right from Marathon to Athens in order to announce the victory of the Athenian army over the Persians. Once this poor guy reached his destination and announced it to the world, he fell and was pronounced to be dead. So the question that has often struck most of the marathon runners, among those include Steven Rindner as well, is why are so many people crazy about running a distance that actually killed a people?

It is the thrill of the challenge and the personal victory over death that draws and even inspires the marathon runners to indulge in such an act. For the fitness freaks, they train for such a feat since it helps them burn calories while straightening their bones, heart and even muscles. A major portion of the crowd gathers just to provide moral support to the friends or someone close who is up to achieve this optimal physical fitness.

Since the distance that is being run at one go is literally inhuman, the medical boards are still in some kind of dilemma and cannot decide whether the benefits of marathon running outweigh the risks that are being inherently involved. While more exhaustive and detailed studies are being needed, the physicians typically consider the age, size and body mechanics of the runner before advising anything regarding long distance running.

Almost anyone, who has received proper training, whose body has received proper nourishment, and is not injured, can take participation in marathon running provided he has got proper footwear on. According to medical science, the human body has been so marvelously designed that it can adapt to any amount of physical stress that generally long distance running puts on the human body. But before even indulging into any such training, one must have a clear conception of the risks that are inherently involved in it.

Swelling and inflammation of the muscles are the most common of all, but with due course of time, the body muscles will even get used to it. But since oxidative damage might be carcinogenic at times, continued inflammation must be addressed before increasing the mileage to a significant level.

Any achievement has got hurdles of its own, and overcoming them heightens the level of success. Steven Rindner finds running a great stress buster and makes sure to participate in at frequent intervals.