Before You Forget: 3 Things to Remember When Involved in a Motorcycle Accident


No matter how good we are in cycling, it’s inevitable for us to participate in a motorcycle accident at some point in our lives. Being in this type of accident is frustrating, costly, and may lead to critical injuries, disability, and even death, just like what happened to a 19-year old cyclist in Jacksonville when his motorcycle crashed.

However, what you do after it may significantly affect the impact of the event to you. In this article, we cited tips on how to act when involved in a motorcycle accident. Here are some of those:

  1. Get yourself safe.

The very first thing to do after being involved in a motorcycle accident is to get yourself away from harm like getting out of traffic and the roadway. You have to avoid being near to anything that may cause you harm such as a vehicle on fire, a vehicle leaking with gasoline, and cliffs or drop-offs.

  1. Check yourself and the ones involved.

After stabilizing oneself, immediately call 911 if anyone is not fine after the accident. In few cases, people walk away with no injuries at all. However, take note that you may have injuries that you may not be detectable right away. That is the reason why you need to let a doctor check you and the persons involved in the accident.

  1. Stay calm.

Although it may be pretty hard to stay calm after this type of incident, it is best for you not to do or say anything that could worsen the situation or may let the other party feel that you’re blaming him. Never argue with him, inflict damage intentionally and fight with him.


Motorcycle accidents are common nowadays. For you to avoid one, make sure to wear the proper gears, follow street signs, and never drive when you’re intoxicated with alcoholic drinks and drugs. Remember, prevention is better than cure.