Because it’s All about Dance


The country of United Arab Emirates has a strong history and tradition of music and dance which plays a very important role in every aspect of the individuals’ lives. Every activity from drawing water from the well, hunting, to diving for pearls, leisure has a song composed for it; every alley of Dubai and its neighboring regions pulls the cord of music. Each song and music has a rhythm about it that performs the task of enlightening the people to the leisurely seduction of community celebrations. Arabs come together in the evenings, sit around the fire for the exchange of news and leisurely communications, the occasion is also cited for story-telling, reciting poetry or enjoy belly dancing by elegant dancers.  During celebrations Dancing and singing is very common with young dancers swinging and swaying to the vibrant and strong beats and rhythms of music. The culture of dance and music is a part Arabian and Emirati culture, which was handed down from one generation to another. The sword-dance is another form of dance that is popular all over the globe but is also deeply rooted within the culture of UAE, men re-enact battles successfully fought or hunting expeditions with the usage of sticks and dummy swords and rifles. Dubai is a multicultural city where people from all over the globe come for a better opportunity of life and job. The lifestyle of Dubai sees the influence of East Africa, Europe, India, Persia, and Arab. There are many dance forms and school that give one the glimpse of the major international dance form, ranging from Salsa, Samba, Jive to Tango and Jazz. The URL gives one all the necessary information that one needs to opt for dancing lessons in Dubai.

The ballroom dance schools of Dubai offer a variety of Latin-American and Ballroom dance activities and dance classes for kids and adults alike. They majorly cover most popular dance forms and style such Latin-American, International, and Social Dances, one gets an opportunity to learn steps of dances ranging from Hustle to Tango, from Waltz to Jive and from Samba to Salsa. One may find every dance form entertaining and fun with the help professional trained dancers, who may guide one to the path of Dance and sensuality. The way the trainers teach the amateur individuals is enough for them to know about the basics of the dance and enjoy its sensuality and excitement. Such schools also provide educational programs that are effective in furthering the individuals to achieve the highest level of progress in a short span of time. Apart from offering casual dance classes to individuals, these schools offer fitness dance classes, wedding lessons, training dance competitions and championships etc. One may also opt for private individual or group to enjoy a quality dance class. The dance trainers are primarily experience and professional background and experts in their forte.

 If one wants to enjoy the excitement and thrill of professional dance in Dubai then dance schools and forums are their thing. To know more about the dance forms and classes one may click on the following link