Avoid Critical Mistakes before Finishing A Basement


A perfect way to make your home more versatile, improve the value of your property and expand the usable square footage is transforming your basement into a playroom for the kids, home theatre, second living room or workshop. However, your basement renovations project can turn to be a serious undertaking.

A basement-finishing project requires utmost care and professionalism because any mistake during the finishing process can be very damaging and costly for a homeowner as well. Itis strongly advisedto contract reputable professionals of House Renovations to handle your finished basement projectwith the dexterity, precisionand care. Besides, they secure a permit for the finishing work.

First, as a framework for your project, prepare a design and a quote of your finished basement. A thorough inspection of the basement area should be done. Look for stains, white powder, cracks and water leaks on the foundation walls and floor.

Another important reason why you have to engage the professionals for your basement finishing is the fact that, the experts have a well-proven method of fixing moisture. They ensure that your walls and ceilings are properly sealed and waterproofed. Creating a perfectly dry finished basement should be your number one priority. The area should be completely dry and moisture-free. Install insulation, provide access to all mechanicals and comfort options for heating and cooling, select the proper below-grade materials, check the quality of electrical installation.

Keep in mind that you require a lot of technical inputs from contractors to sub-contractors and even city officials without which you might end up with a terrible result of your basement-finishing work. Besides, fixing these mistakes may cost you a huge sum of money. Abandon hopeitcan be easily achieved on your own alone. Ensure that as a homeowner you establish a good communication with the contractor, this will help you avoid any miscommunications.

Another thing to consider, the professional quality of an excellent basement-finishing job. The experts of House Renovations will skillfully hide unsightly beams, pipes and posts that are found in the basement. For a smooth, finished look of your basement walls, ceiling and floors hire reputed professionals. They also make it blend into the design of the main building.

In conclusion, in order to get the best from your basement finishing work, allow reputable professionals of House Renovations handle your project. With the vast number of options available for finishing basements it is important to avoid making critical mistakes.