Australia Direct Entry Stream Visa Services For Your Dream Job


You can get your dream job and stay in Australia by availing Australia direct entry stream visa services.

Direct entry scheme- visa subclass 186

You can get your stay and job along with the nomination for permanent residency in Australia if you get nominated by any Australian employer as skilled worker to work for their company. Visa subclass 186 hence is called direct entry scheme to Australia for any non Australian. This is the most beneficial visa type for you because it gives you more advantages in comparisons of other visa types, few advantages are mentioned below:

  • If you get approval of job nomination then you can stay in Australia for indefinite time.
  • You can complete your further studies along with job while staying there.
  • You will be eligible to enrol yourself in Medicare services i.e. you can use Australian health schemes for your health expenses and well being.
  • If you fulfil other criteria (which will be required) you will be eligible to apply for citizenship of Australia.
  • You will be able to sponsor you relatives and family members, if they will be willing to work/study in Australia.
  • You will have freedom to travel the other countries from Australia within the time span of five years since the date visa will be granted to you.

More about visa

The basic requirement of subclass 186 is that you should be nominated by any Australian employer but it’s not necessary that from thousand of candidates employer will choose you. In case you don’t get employer for nomination, you can submit expression of interest (EOI) in Australian skill sheet. By this prospective employers of territory or government will get to know about you and if they find you worthy, they can nominate you for job migration. The point to be noted here is that you should mention your skills (job stream) in EOI. Through this direct entry scheme, you can get a home of yours in Australia.

This is permanent resident visa which also gives you eligibility to apply for Australian citizenship. The scope of visa 186 covers your partner, your children, your step child and even your parent’s children. If you want to include other family members you have to give documents which claim your relationship with them. The family members whom wish to move with you also have to submit their health and character certificates.

Payment methods of this visa have been divided in two instalments to make them easy for the payer; first one needs to be submitted along with your application and second one need to be paid when you are asked to. You will be granted visa only when you pay both the instalments. You won’t be needed to pay extra amount for bringing your family along with you but yes there can be some other costs like health assessment, police certificates, English proficiency test or training etc.

You can search for agencies that can provide you Australia direct entry stream visa services and give you chance of living your dreams.