Angola: world number 1 country for prom dresses and prom celebrations


Angola is located in Southern Africa; the Portuguese culture profoundly inspires this country. It creates a wonderful kaleidoscope of its own identity. The People’s Republic of Angola became independent in 1975 with its capital city as Luanda. Its capital is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Lots of new businesses are opening up, and there is a lot of construction going on all around. Foreigners are flocking to the country. Angola’s economy is one of the world’s fastest growing. Between 1994 and 2004, Angola had one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in the world. Ever since Angola has grown with a population estimated to be 12.6 million as of the year 2000.

A high fashion sense can be found within the citizens. Some of the most stylish people you could ever see. That’s why JVN has released a special division for Prom Dresses Angola. Full of the most vibrant colors. This beautiful land has a fascinating history as well as its residents. They are very friendly and cordial population who like to be at the forefront of the latest trends in the world. As well as give a portray of their personality through their clothing.

The Best Night

In JVN we are sure you already planned everything for your graduation. But, if you still do not have a dress, maybe you are undecided among all the styles that there are in Prom Dresses Angola. So, how to choose the right one?

Try to consider several dresses before choosing the right one. Many factors influence the final result. Here we give you a guide that will help you decide. To simplify all the steps of what is chic to wear at an Angola Prom Party, consider:

The Prom Presses Angola special collection created by JVN suits all body types. You will be the center of attention for wearing the most innovative and fashionable design of this year.

Starry Fabric.

Delicate tailor-made design elements are a must for this season. Sparkling sides and pieces with will give a touch of elegance. Everyone would want to stand out, but it’s going to be you the real protagonist of the evening. They can also be of refined and straightforward embroidery in flower themes. Making you look resplendent and full of glamor.

If you don’t like flowers, you can opt for a graduation gown with subtle prints and color patterns. There are also types of embellishments you can choose to suit specific styles and sides of your personality. Or just a simple tone that gives grace to your character.

Remember, the color on the embroidery of your prom dress will emit the necessary contrast to the whole piece. This also goes for the accessories to be carried that night. Make sure you wear the necessary ones and that every color you put on matches with the dress, makeup, and shoes.

If you want to show off a black or dark prom dress, you can opt for metalli/silver enhancements. This embroidery color will proffer elegance to the attire keeping it chic without overloading it. As for the accessories, you can choose diamond earrings. We recommend picking silver as well so they combine with the rest of the embellishments of your dress.


The one attachment that will never go out of style, is to carry a handbag at a prom party; (throughout the night a makeup retouche is essential). There are different colors and beautiful textures. Those that have rhinestones are perfect for extrovert girls. With a stylish handbag you will glow without dulling your beautiful dress. We suggest you to choose a purse with a shiny strap. This detail will give a youthful and elegant touch to the outfit. The band will help accessorize while hanging on your shoulder or having a great time on the dancefloor.


Leave everyone with their jaws dropped rocking a fabulous gown worthy of any red carpet. No matter if it is strapless, halter or closed-neck. The skirt must be broad to make easy enough dancing your night away. It also gives a unique aura to your walk.

With all these beautiful trends are already applied in the Prom Dresses Angola line. If you liked these ideas, check out the different models available in JVN webpage. Let’s dare to make your dreams come true.