Anabolic steroids come with few side effects which one cannot ignore. Using different types of anabolic steroids can cause side effects which can be temporary or permanent. If teenagers are using anabolic steroids, they are at greater risk. Many teenagers try anabolic steroids for developing their physic and they face side effects. Most of the anabolic steroids are similar to the testosterone molecule structure which is a male sex hormone. Many doctors use anabolic steroids for treating the hormone problems in men like loss of muscle due to few diseases and delayed puberty problems. Many bodybuilders and athletes use anabolic steroids as they help in stimulating the growth of muscle and enhance the performance in the athletes. These people take anabolic steroids in high dose, though it is illegal and it is not safe and it causes many side effects, interactions and contraindications.

Side effects in Male and Female

The anabolic steroids have the capacity to imitate the hormone testosterone and other cells like the growth cells and muscles. They maintain and help in promoting the male characteristics. These anabolic steroids results in many dangerous side effects on the system of the body and organs. The side effects general include loss of fertility, impotence, hypertension, very poor cholesterol and in few cases it damages the heart and liver tissues too. In males the major side effect seen in development of breasts and there is shrinkage of testicles. In females there are irregular menstrual cycles and they may develop unwanted male characteristics like facial hair and body hair. Both male and female can develop acne and they can even experience mood swings. This not only affects them but also the people around them.

Long Term affects using Anabolic Steroids and facts

The use of anabolic steroids is associated with many dangerous and adverse side effects. Few side effects are too unpleasant as they are visible like acne and growth of breast in males and facial hair growth in females. Other effects are life threatening like heart attack and caner of liver. In most cases the effects are reversible when the person quits using the steroids in right time, but few side effects are permanent and cannot be reversed. One such side effect is deep voice in females. Serious side effects like life threatening are unrecognized as death occur after many years. These anabolic steroids also effect the reproductive system in males, it disrupts the normal hormone production which can be reversible or irreversible change. Few reversible changes are low sperm count and testicular atrophy. Irreversible side effects are development of breast in males and baldness. In females the size of the breast decrease and clitoris enlarge and deep voice is observed and unwanted growth of body hair. The anabolic steroids have many side effects on the cardiovascular system like heart attacks as the lipoprotein levels change. Anabolic steroids effect the liver, tumors are formed and the condition is called peliosis hepatis. Due to the gains in muscle tissues, there will be harm to the kidneys as the filtration rate increases.