An MBA Student should have Leadership Potentials


In today’s competitive world, there is a massive choice of career fields to choose from, and an abundance of well-educated candidates to compete with for those careers. With so many career options, finding the right post-graduate courses and to enroll into a premium institute can be a challenge. But coming to a specific area, if business is all that one wants to go for then the best idea to select a program that will provide him/her with the requisite knowledge, skills and ethics to fit oneself with the business world- an MBA program is the right choice. This particular course will not just make one learn the business principles and managerial skills, but also is an advantage for a good career along with handsome salary. Also, MBA is something that offers lot of scope for exploring various fields at various levels.

A highly lucrative career option, MBA has reached outstanding popularity in India attested by the fact that every year numerous students take various popular management entrance tests like CAT, MAT and XAT for admission to top Business schools throughout the nation. Top ranked B-schools in India receive lakhs of applications, but for the fact, only limited number of candidates gets through the admission process with average and even low percentile in their entrance tests. Therefore, the question arises is what distinguishes those candidates who are accepted by these top ranked institutes from those who are not selected. What are these B-schools looking for?

The procedure for Mba admission in Mumbai or any other institute definitely combines on the test for ‘attitude’, ‘aptitude’ and ‘approach’ done through entrance, as these factors are considered the right combination. But apart from that, there are certain other factors that these elite institutes look for among the candidates. MBA admission consultants have given a great deal of thought on this question and after proper research and analysis, they have come up with the opinion that one quality a candidate must have to get into the top class B-schools within the country is leadership potential.

The top-tier MBA institutes are looking for future leaders for the business world, and few applicants counted among many know how to craft an MBA application that works beyond the shadow of doubt, as they have their intangible factor called leadership potential and it outshines the drawbacks like low percentile in the entrance exams.

The other side of the admission procedure is the MBA application and it’s a chance for the candidate to share one’s personality with the admission committee and convince them that he/she is an ideal fit for the school. To do this, a candidate needs to reflect on one’s leadership potentiality. So, how can a candidate create an MBA application that proves he/she has unmatched leadership potential? According to the researches done by the MBA admission consultants, three common denominators highlight the point. Those candidates who have talent, passion and purpose in their applications undoubtedly strikes the admission committee of the premium institutes and gets convinced by these three things when combined with the basic quality of leadership potential.


 To be precise talents are “abilities and qualities that enable consistent, near perfect performance in a particular activity.” A candidate must have impressive talents in one or more areas that will hit upon all the factors.


 The emotional energy that one directs in one’s life pursuit has direct connection with the passion, be it personal or professional. Potential leaders have always left their footprints in the areas of passion. So, an MBA candidate is judged on their passion for entrepreneurial ideas and the leadership qualities for start-up, to take the business community to a new level.


 The aspiration to achieve something truly depends on purpose or on a sense of purpose. Some of the elite-class institutes generally accept those candidates who have strong sense of purpose. They should have the purpose with leadership potential to bring the far-reaching changes into the particular industry.

Pursuing MBA degree in Mumbai from a renowned B-school helps the student have an in-depth understanding of business from the global perspectives and enhance the skills that are necessary to excel in the professional field. However, to get into such institute a candidate must come-up with their leadership potentials during the Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI). This point in the process of admission is often overlooked but is one of the most crucial steps for success.