Amazing Bitcoin Trader Settings That Will Get You Going And Boost Your Experience


Bitcoin trader still remains one of the safest and smartest bots that guarantee high success rates. It provides multiple trading opportunities and alternatives for traders to make really huge profits with minimal dedication and investment capital.  The system allows you to choose your desired broker from the huge range of licensed brokers. There are so many settings you configure for your trading experience to be awesome. Let’s have a look at these settings first.

The Risk Management Settings

Trading bitcoins require effective and strategic risk management strategies. Bitcoin trading is a profitable but also a very risky investment. Bitcoin trader understands this and has provided traders with six risk management settings which give you total control of the default trade sizes and keep you safe from bad signals that result in more losses. Traders are often advised to ensure their maximum daily trades are set very low.  While some systems can generate up to 100 trades every single hour, it is not advised you start with such high trade limits. This bitcoin trading software provides you with the maximum concurrent trades settings which allow you to limit the number of trades that happen at once.

Asset Selection Settings

Bitcoin trader keeps traders updated with trading signals that come in form of $BTCEUR and $BTCUSD. The settings are customized for the trader to decide which assets they will want to trade in depending on their personal preferences and profit expectations. It is up to you to select which primary assets you want the bot to open positions on for you to make the trades. The most amazing thing about this settings option in the software is that it keeps you safe all the time regardless of the market conditions. Algorithms are designed such that they can perfect during standard trading conditions and proof very unreliable during volatile market conditions. The asset selection settings work to increase your safety and increase your profitability regardless of how unreliable the bitcoin market is.

The Demo Trading Settings

The most rewarding way for a new bitcoin trading bot developers to prove the efficiency of their systems is to offer a free demo feature. Through the demo trading feature, traders are able to explore the potential trading software free of charge. The demo trading is designed to give you a tour through the software so it is not real and making trades through it does not guarantee profits. It purposely works to give you a preview of the features of the software and help you to understand how the trading signals work. When you sign up for this bitcoin trading software, you will get $1500 in the demo trading account which you can use to make trades and get to familiarize with the way the software works.