All You Need To Know About The Hipp Formula


HiPP formula can provide the nutrients needed by babies to grow healthy and strong even if they aren’t breastfed. It’s a complete substitute for breast milk and suitable right from birth. In the HiPP formula, protein levels are changed keeping the latest nutritional research in mind.

HiPP is the expert when it comes to organic baby nutrition and food. They have more than fifty years worth of experience.

HiPP organic infant formula is the only organic formula available in the United Kingdom. There are many milk substitutes for all ages so you can give the right nutrition to your little one when they’re fed.

In the first few months of your baby’s life, breast milk is recommended since it contains everything needed by your baby for healthy development including LCP’s and oligosaccharides. They promote healthy gut flora buildup and support your baby.

Preparing the feed

When preparing the HiPP organic baby formula, you need to follow preparation and feeding instructions very carefully. Not doing so will result in your baby getting ill since powdered milks aren’t sterile.

  • First, wash your hands and sterilize all the equipment as per the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Then boil a liter of water and let it cool for half an hour. Don’t use repeatedly boiled or artificially softened water.
  • Measure the water into sterilized bottles.
  • Use the scoop to add the appropriate number of scoops of formula to the water. Use the scoop leveler to level the powder. Don’t press it.
  • Put the sterilized cap and teat over the bottle and shake it well till the powder has completely dissolved.
  • Cool to appropriate drinking temperature by holding it under cold water and don’t forget to test the milks temperature before using it for feeding.

Important information

  • Only use the scoop which is provided with the pack.
  • Don’t make feeds stronger or weaker by adding additional scoops or water. Don’t add anything else to the feeds either.
  • For hygiene purposes, freshly prepare feeds every time and don’t do anything in advance. Use made up feeds within a couple of hours of preparation. Discard all leftovers after the feed.
  • You might notice changes in the stool consistency of your baby when you switch to formula. This is common and makes the stool of the baby similar to breastfed babies.
  • Don’t heat the feed in the microwave.
  • Responsible people should be around you when feeding your baby.
  • Use all sachets within three weeks of opening them.

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