All about Acidophilus Bifidus Complex Capsule


Acidophilus Bifidus is one of the most important bacterial agents. This bacterial agent is quite beneficial for our body. This is a blend of two beneficial bacteria which is found within the microflora of the human gut. Millions of these bacteria live in our gut and along with this another type of microorganisms like a lactobacillus Acidophilus also lives in the gut.  When we say millions, it means weight wise they are around 3 pounds of this microscopic fungi and bacteria. In our digestive track, they break down the food we eat as this food passes our stomachs, colon and intestines. Acidophilus Bifidus is responsible for working against and killing harmful and dangerous organisms. Acidophilus Bifidus fights these harmful organisms else they can cause many digestive issues and diseases.

Benefits of Acidophilus Bifidus:

  • Acidophilus Bifidus restores the microbiota throughout the digestive and intestinal tract, giving it a healthier balance.
  • If you have taken a long course of antibiotics, then taking Acidophilus Bifidus will help you replenish all the good bacteria that has been depleted due to the antibiotics.
  • If suffering from a vaginal yeast infection, then Acidophilus Bifidus can help you greatly if applied directly to affected area.
  • Acidophilus Bifidus supplements can help Patients who are suffering from digestive tract inflammatory diseases. This works even better when you combine this with other inflammation reducing specialized probiotics.
  • Acidophilus Bifidus works perfectly with the good bacteria that is already present in the gastrointestinal tract and they work coherently to keep a balanced tract.
  • This probiotic helps keep blood pressure in control.
  • Acidophilus Bifidus has also proved that it lowers the cholesterol in few cases.
  • There are studies going on to prove that Acidophilus Bifidus does have an effect on weight loss and lowering cholesterol.
  • The common grouping called the Bifidobacterium issome very powerful bacteriawhich occupies the GI tract, mouth and vagina.
  • This type of bacteria ferments the carbohydrates in the body and makes them useful. This fermented carbohydrate is used for producing acids and many other chemical compounds. Such compounds are required by our body to keep the microbiome healthy and in turn it increases your energy.
  • Breast milk contains Acidophilus Bifidus and this helps the child feeding on mother’s milk to be immune to allergies. Infants who have not been breastfed have been found to be more prone to allergies than the ones who have been breastfed.

Side effects of Acidophilus Bifidus:

The lactobacillus acidophilus along with the bifidobacteria is produced naturally in the body and because of this reason the side effects are quite mild or in many cases there are no side effects at all.

The side effects including diarrhea can be as follows

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • People who have a weak immune system are advised not to take this probiotic without the direction of your doctor.

And these side effects are not long term; they go away with prolonged use as your body gets accustomed to this probiotic.