A New Way to Launder: Linen Hire for Your Business


The Catering, Hotel and Restaurant business has always been fast-paced and ever changing. What worked a few years ago won’t necessarily work today and the key to survival is being able to constantly adapt to new ideas and trends. One trend that has become apparent and is likely here to stay, is hiring linen. Specifically hiring linen, and doing away with in house laundering altogether.

That might sound a bit drastic but the benefits are clear to see.

The Cost of Laundering Linen

Your bottom line is vital to the financial health of your business, and to new businesses especially, linen is a heavy upfront capital cost. Depending on the size and nature of your operation, you may be required to fully stock enough linen to supply upwards of 50 bedrooms. That will include the bed itself as well as providing enough towels for each guest.

If your hotel includes a restaurant, you may possibly be looking at enough table clothes and napkins to serve 50 tables at a time. Notwithstanding the fact that accidents do happen and linen may need to be swapped out for cleaning sooner than anticipated. When you do get in touch with a commercial laundry company, make sure that a fast turnaround time is something they offer. You’ll never know when you may need emergency assistance.

The initial capital outlay is one aspect but do also bear in mind the ongoing cost to launder this linen. Electricity prices are only going one way and the cost to run a load of white sheets through a commercial washer is considerable. Then consider that a team of dedicated staff will be required to iron and then fold each piece of linen, making sure they’re all perfect and that quality is maintained.

Flexibility in Supply and Demand

If the ongoing costs weren’t enough, factor in that if you ever decide to redecorate or regularly hold themed events, you may well find yourself holding a large amount of stock that isn’t quite the right colour. Duck egg blue tablecloths won’t be exciting anyone at a Halloween party.

Of course, visitor and guest numbers often rise and fall with each passing season and it is possible to find yourself with a shortage of linen at short notice necessitating further capital outlay. In quieter times, linen can find itself sitting on a shelf, taking up valuable space that could be better utilised elsewhere.


Commercial Linen Hire

With a linen hire and laundry company, you are able to order enough linen to meet your exact requirements. It will be delivered and collected again as you require, removing the hassle and cost of in house laundering.

Most companies will stock a number of different lines, leaving you with the opportunity to mix and match colours and styles to your needs and without the headache of having to purchase or dispose of another set of linen after your latest renovation, all at a competitive price.

With communication being so important to successfully running a business, the better linen hire companies will offer you an account manager who will act as your direct point of contact, leaving you safe in the knowledge that a change to your order is only a phone call away.