A Guide to Hosting Corporate Events


For any marketing manager, hosting a live event can be a real challenge. The content needs to be just right, and promoting the event plays a large part in determining its success. The cost of hosting such an event is never low, and while we want the participants to get the most out of the experience, we would expect a return on the investment. There are many ways to help promote an event and if you are about to launch a new product line, or perhaps host a meeting with your suppliers, here are some helpful hints to make sure the event produces the desired outcome.

Promote the Event

There are many ways to do this and for most businesses, an online approach will produce the best results. If your business has a Facebook following, create an event page and begin posting dynamic content that is designed to generate interest. The build up to the event is a critical time and what you do during the run up to the event could determine its success, or failure. One thing you can focus on is generating leads from events, and you could set your marketing team a goal of working out how best to achieve this. It might come from a follow up email, or perhaps special discounts Are on offer, and with well-designed games and activities, it is possible to generate leads, which hopefully, will be converted into sales.

Compile Valuable Feedback

The event goes ahead as planned, and while it might seem like a success, you really need to put together a post event participant survey, and the results should help you to identify what worked and what did not. It is always a challenge to get everything right, and without a detailed survey for the attendees, one really cannot gauge the response.

Software Applications

Modern business uses technology in many areas, and with live events, it is possible to enter all the relevant data into a software package, and it can then be analysed to determine the event ROI. Armed with the survey results, you can factor in the event cost and the sales during the post event period, and the software application will perform a detailed analysis.

Formulate Plan B

Even the best plans go wrong, and when planning a live event, you need to be absolutely sure you have everything covered. Make backups of all the presentations and keep them on a thumb drive, and make sure the stage equipment is in good working order, with a standby laptop waiting in the wings, just in case. If live entertainment is on the menu, prepare a playlist to smooth over any delays. Service must be exceptional, so make sure your guests will want for nothing, and with a dynamic show, your guests should enjoy themselves.

Hosting an event is all about planning, preparation and presentation, and with so much at stake, you really must make sure you have everything ready and waiting. The reputation of your company hangs on this occasion, and with the entire marketing team dedicated to making it happen, the event should be successful and provide you with a good return on your investment.