A Guide to Applying for a UK Spouse Visa


If you are a British citizen or resident in the UK and you wish to have your foreign partner come and live with you, this would require that you apply for a spouse visa. This is a long and complicated process, and you would be well advised to make contact with an experienced immigration solicitor, who can guide you through the process and hopefully you partner’s visa application will be approved. Of course, one could attempt to navigate this without the help of an expert, but with the cost of a spouse visa increased to almost £1.200, which is not refundable, should the application be rejected, it is wise to have the best help available.

Experienced Immigration Solicitors

Fortunately, there are online legal firms that are dedicated to facilitating UK visa applications, and if you require a UK spouse visa in London, for example, once you have made contact with such a solicitor, they will ensure that your partner’s visa application meets with all the immigration requirements. You would, of course, have to meet the immigration salary requirements in order to sponsor a person’s spouse visa application, which, as of 2012 was raised to £18,600 per year, which satisfies the authorities that you are in a position to support the applicant.

Preparing the Visa Application

The law firm will assist you in preparing everything for your partner’s spouse visa application, and as they are fully aware of the requirements, should they feel that the application is weak in any way, they would help you to make it stronger, thus avoiding an expensive rejection. As the sponsor, you need to meet the requirements, and this means you are in a position to support your partner, and they will not be a burden on the state.

Your Partner

They would have to meet the various requirements, which include English language proficiency, and with an experienced immigration solicitor in your corner, they would ensure that your partner’s application is acceptable. Many couples are unable to stay together, as the spouse visa application was rejected, and in most cases, this would be couples who did not seek out expert legal advice.

Future Implications

The Brexit referendum decision will no doubt affect all UK visa requirements, and with a steady flow of illegal immigrants who somehow manage to enter the UK, there is already talk of raising the requirements for a spouse visa, and this is even more of a reason to seek out expert help. There are online legal firms who are dedicated to facilitating UK spouse visas, and with a high rate of success, they are fully equipped to help you and your partner live together in the UK.

Preliminary advice can be sought right at the very outset, and over a period of time, the law firm will help you and your partner to prepare a solid application, which will result in you both having the opportunity to continue your relationship in your home country.