7 Steps to Finding the Right Fragrance


Perfume lovers often wonder how often you should switch perfumes. If you are one of them, then you should know that it depends on personal choice and preferences of a person. According to us, switching perfumes after a few months is a smart idea.

If you are considering switching your perfume, you should know the following 7 steps to finding the right fragrance by visiting a reputed website like https://fragrance365.CA.

  1. Be Unique

You should try to find perfume that suits your personality, style, and age. Yes, it’s quite easy to find a fragrance according to your age. Your focus should always be on pleasing yourself, not others. When you are pleased, you will exude more confidence, look stunning and appeal to the people belonging to the opposite sex.

  1. Don’t Put on Any Perfume When Trying a New One

When you have received the fragrance you ordered, and you are about to try it, it is highly recommended that you bathe with unscented soap and don’t put on any perfume. It is an essential step because if you have any scent on, it might mingle with the new scent and create an unflattering effect.

  1. Know What Attracts You

If you are an outdoorsy kind of a person, then you might like the smells associated with forests or beach. Similarly, if you are a nature lover, fresh greens and herbal smells might attract you. Take a minute to think about the type of scent you want and then search it on the internet.

  1. Decide About the Intensity

You should know that the more perfume (with a strong concentration) there is in a bottle, the longer it will last. Also, the higher the intensity, the higher would be its cost. So, it’s smart to decide how strong you want the perfume to be. It’s also vital to remember that the stronger a scent is, the less you need to apply it (if you don’t want to risk gagging people around you).

  1. Spray and Decide

You can find the right fragrance by testing it on your skin. When shopping online, you can ask for free samples to do it at home. Don’t try more than 4 scents at a time. Spritz each of the perfumes on your pulse points and elbow creases to ensure that you can tell them apart. Also, never rub the perfume, just spray it from at least 5 inches away.

  1. Smell All Notes

When shopping for perfumes, it is essential that you know that the top notes of a scent are released first which are followed by middle and finally base notes. Hence, when you think that you have found the right fragrance, keep it on all day to try all its notes before making the purchase decision.

  1. Buy More than One

In case you like more than one scents then it is suggested that you buy them all and use them for a few days. In a few days, you will either start preferring one of them, or you will realize which scent suits which occasion. After all, who said you need to find only one right fragrance. You can choose more than one if you want.