5 Ways to Look More Chic in Your Sandals


Sandals are considered to be the most casual among all types of footwear and this understandable. They often come with open toes and straps that barely cover the feet. They are also worn for rather informal gatherings instead of high profile occasions due to their ability to downplay a supposedly posh outfit.

But who says you can’t look chic in sandals? For women, it’s all about knowing how to dress up so that you will look totally fashionable, and the same goes with sandals. You may have a ridiculously casual pair of sandals in your closet, but by matching them with the right clothes and accessories, you will definitely look fabulously stylish once you step out of the house.

So how do you look chic in sandals? Here are 5 ways:

  1. Colour-coordination is key.

If you are the type who wants to play it safe, then you should master the art of colour coordination. Thus, if you wear white sandals, you have to match it with a white shirt, and a pair of jeans or skirt that is directly complementary to white (i.e. black, blue, or any dark shade). Through this trick, you are able to distribute the shades that pop out and strike a balance with the rest of your outfit. Your sandals won’t garner unwanted attention as well, since the focus will be on your garments.

  1. Make your legs look longer by wearing nude sandals.

If you intend to show off and create an illusion of longer legs, then you may as well wear a pair of nude sandals. The skin tone shade of these sandals makes it seem like your legs are longer than they actually are. This is in contrast to darker coloured sandals where specific stops are made when a person looks at your whole outfit.

Wearing nude sandals works best if you are in shorts, skirts, or Capri pants that end just above the knee. This is because when you wear fully-covered garments such as pants or long skirts, your legs are hidden and the illusion of having long gams can no longer be achieved (unless you wear heels).

  1. Wear a feminine top.

If you want to look posh in a pair of sandals, then you should complement the casual footwear by sporting something that represents high fashion. You may want to wear a blouse that is ultra-feminine, as this will boost the style that you want to showcase. Dresses that are above the knee can also be matched with sandals, provided that they are worn during special occasions.

In case you want to stay comfortable but have to look extra formal in the event you are attending, you may wear sandals with closed toes, as these help maintain a formal style without making your feet easily tired.

  1. Heeled sandals!

Lastly, if you are not into shoes but are going to a high-profile event in which you have to look ultra-chic, then you may opt to wear heeled sandals instead. There are stilettos that are designed as sandals instead of closed shoes, and you can match them with a party dress.

The key to pulling off heeled sandals consists of two things: first, you have to make sure that your feet are clean and glammed up, since they will be exposed to the rest of the world once you are the event. Second is that you have to learn how to walk with grace when in high heels, as it’s the extra height that will make you totally chic.

Your sandals must also match your dress in terms of colour, design and structure. A well-coordinate always makes one fashionable, no matter how simple the pieces are.