5 splendid reasons you must choose reseller hosting to build an make money online

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As an individual that wants to make money online, you may face obstacles with regards to a safe and trusted source to monetize from. Many times, people are asked to pay money upfront, only to get duped later on. This can demotivate and scare you from using online sources again. Allow us to introduce you to Reseller hosting, a type of web hosting that will help you make money online easily. Reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting where you can buy a hosting plan in bulk and sell it to end users. As a Reseller, you can provide bandwidth and disk space by renting a dedicated server, vps hosting, shared hosting etc. Moreover, you can create your own pricing model once you buy the bulk plans.

Today, there are many such resellers that are selling hosting plans successfully and one of the most successful reseller hosting plans is linux reseller hosting. Linux-based reseller hosting has allowed many individuals to set up a successful business by providing web hosting services efficiently. Apart from these benefit, linux reseller hosting provides many other advantages which has made it a preferred choice for individuals looking to make money online. Let us deep dive into the same and know more:

Zero investment involved

Unlike most web hosting businesses which require great capital investment, Linux Reseller hosting does not have any costs involved. This is because your Reseller web hosting provider has all the necessary infrastructure ready. Hence the setup time is less or as good as negligible.

Rapid scaling economically

One of the biggest plus points of choosing Linux Reseller hosting is the fact that it allows you to acquire resources like server space, bandwidth as well as tech support from your web hosting provider at a very cheap rate. This allows you to buy hosting resources in bulk and build your own pricing model for the same. Moreover, since resources can be upgraded and downgraded as per the requirements of the customers, quick scaling is possible. This is because your Linux reseller hosting plan will have all these changes included in the deal you purchase.

Better control with tools
Linux reseller hosting gives users better control with respect to hosting, domains, adding domains or subdomains and managing emails as well. cPanel and WHM are two easy-to-maneuver web hosting tools, allowing them to take charge of their linux- based web hosting.
With cPanel you can control FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts in order to upload, delete or move files on the server. You also get your hands on plugins, addons and APIs with Softaculous, which allows end users to download WordPress, Joomla and Drupal updates. WHM (Web Host Manager) on the other hand is a reseller control panel that allows you to control the hosting account of your clients. With the help of WHM, you can allow your clients to brand themselves with the help of different skins provided by WHM. In addition to this, you can also change ownership of accounts, whitelist IPs and install or manage SSL certificates.

No need for technical know how

Once you start acquiring customers after buying a Linux reseller hosting package, you do not need to worry about answering any of their technical queries. This is taken care of by your reseller hosting service provider. Also, you do not need a resource at your end to divert any issues to the hosting provider because any problem faced by your client is resolved directly by your hosting provider. This saves time and allows you to focus on making a good amount on money online.

Much safer and secure

Once you get online, you are inevitably putting yourself at risk with different kinds of security attacks. There are hackers that attack the website in order to steal valuable data on websites. Linux reseller hosting is safer since most linux users prefer PHP as their scripting language. This has made it a much safer bet in comparison to other types of reseller hosting plans.

In closing

Linux reseller hosting is a tested and proven business model since linux is used worldwide. With such a good reseller hosting package that allows you to scale and add margins per will, there is very little scope for anyone to go wrong. However, you should be ready with a good plan to market your reseller hosting service because that is something that will differentiate your service from others, isn’t it?