5 Maggi recipes giving it a twist to the taste


Maggi is known to be one of the favourite breakfast options for kids and adults alike. Since the time it was launched (in 80’s) in India and till now it is the staple food for every youngster living in a hostel or for those staying at home.The lingering taste and the simple preparation make the instant noodles come to be the rescue for hostel students, and for those who are least interested in cooking.

Easy to cook and the affordability factor is what makes it so popular. Over the years Maggi has been the Mecca taking every food experimentalist to a new step whether it be adding vegetables to it or stuffing it in a roll. The taste and flavours make it a new dish everytime it is prepared with different ingredients.

Hence, it is good trying on new things and showing some love to the simple Maggie by twisting the way you cook!!

Lip smacking Maggie with a variety of styles-

  • Stir-fried mix veg maggi- This recipe is the most commonly seen and cooked in every house as it is the simplest of all. The less oily and more vegetables put in the Maggi gives it a nutritional benefit making it good for the kids at home.
  • Corn cheesy maggi- Kids generally do not eat spicy dishes and are a big fan of cheese. On the other hand, for those bigger people in the house that also does not like the spicy items can love this Cheesy maggi. On top of it, the maggi can be made more delightful, attractive and healthy by adding some boiled corns giving it a unique colour and flavour.
  • Maggi with egg- The easy maggi is tasty when an egg is added to it. For a new flavour of maggi one can boil it and add egg to it giving it some more of healthy fit. How to make maggi with egg is very simple as both the things are easily available at home and can become a good snacky evening meal.
  • Maggi salad- Cucumber, tomatoes and onions are the best light and healthy salad that must be given to the kids. This salad is good appetite filler. For enhancing the overall taste of a salad with a mix of cucumber, tomatoes and onions, one can add maggi that is available at home. This new combination is full of nutrition and healthy ingredients that are good for the body.
  • Maggi Poha- The maggi can also be cooked in the same way as we make poha at home. This may be made with or without putting the tastemaker as it tastes very delicious in both the ways.

For those who love to try something new everytime when they are cooking at home, this simple and fantabulous taste of maggi with different ingredients should be tried atleast once in a lifetime. Giving a twist in the taste will surely be loved by the kids and other people at home. Making them is very simple.