5 Benefits of Yoga in Your Life


There’s a reason yoga has stood the test of time: it works. And not just on a physical level, or solely on a mental level or spiritual level. It works on all levels, all at once. And it can do it with a minimal time commitment, at any age and fitness level.  In fact, less than 15 minutes of yoga a day has been shown to have massive health benefits.

Not sold yet? Here are five other incredible benefits of a regular yoga practice.

  1. Yoga can help you live longer.

Simple as that: yoga increases your life expectancy. It’s a holistic practice that benefits your whole body, including your immune system, blood flow, heart health, joints, muscles and cartilage, and can even improve your sleep – all factors that contribute to a long life.

  1. Yoga burns fat.

By building muscle and increasing your metabolism, many yoga poses help you burn fat, leading to a leaner, more svelte – and yes, also more stretchy – you!

  1. Yoga makes you happier.

When you do yoga, you release oxytocin – that notoriously mood boosting happy hormone. It also calms the mind, thereby reducing feels of stress and anxiety. And the calmer we are, the more likely we are to make mindful, beneficial, and healthy decisions.

  1. Yoga leads to better sex.

Yoga has been well-documented as a precursor to better sex. Not only does it make you more limber, but by decreasing your cortisol (i.e. the stress hormone) and relaxing your mind and body, you’ll find yourself in the mood for some loving more often. (And, relating back to the first point, people who have sex live longer and look younger!)

  1. Yoga saves you money.

Think that awesome new workout gear and the cost of classes is a little too pricey? Actually, a regular yoga practice can save you money. By increasing mindfulness, people who do yoga are better able to control their impulses – which can really pay off when you find yourself with some extra cash at the Apple Store.

No other form of physical activity can give you this many benefits, at any fitness level and any stage of your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 105, if you’re a professional athlete or a pregnant woman, if you’re a gym junkie or someone who thinks a foam roller is used to curl hair: yoga is for you. You just may not know it yet. (But now’s the time to find out!)