4 Facts About Truck Driving You Probably Do Not Know

Truck Driving

Most of us see big trucks hauling supplies on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, but we probably do not know where they are coming from and what they are delivering. The world of driving the big rigs is filled with a lot of unknowns and misperceptions.

Here are four facts you might not know about an industry every one of us relies upon more than we might think.

1.     Truckers Can Haul Anything

If it can be hauled, you can find a trucking company or driver for hire to take care of it. If you require North Dakota water hauling, there is a professional who can handle it. If you are a small farm that needs a silo emptied and delivered to market, you can secure that as well. Truck drivers might work for companies, but they may also operate as independent contractors, so never assume the item you need hauled cannot be taken away by the ideal professional.

2.     There is a Shortage of Drivers

If you have ever thought about getting your commercial driver’s license (CDL), now is a great time to make that investment. As online shopping has increased, so has the number of trucks on the road. Every truck needs a driver, but with fewer qualified people to operate these big rigs, the trucking industry is facing a shortage. This dilemma directly translates to immediate and secure employment opportunities.

3.     It is a Career You Can Take Anywhere

Though regulations may differ from state to state, your licensing and training are yours to take with you wherever you go. Few careers provide the flexibility to live where you want, relocate to a new city if you desire, and even become your own boss. If a driver operates cyclically in one area, they have the ability to take extra work somewhere else during the off-season. Sites that connect drivers in one state with clients in another state make this flexibility even more attractive.

4.     Few Jobs Offer So Much Variety

When we hear about truck driving, semis often come to mind. However, with a CDL, the types of driving opportunities one can choose from are almost endless. From tour companies to drayage transport to handling hazardous materials, the trucking industry covers a wide variety of transportation needs. Invest in your rig for increased independence or hire on with a local company for predictability. Regardless of the choice, truck drivers have the luxury of selection that few other jobs offer.