3 Ways Architecture Is Improving Living Standards


Living in beautiful homes certainly makes us feel happy. The elegance and beauty of architecture makes houses into homes, creates structures that we fall in love with and, believe it or not, is improving our living standards.

Keep reading to find out about 3 amazing ways the architecture in our grand designs is improving living standards.

Making use of small spaces

In some countries where there’s a housing shortage or people just live in small houses in general, it becomes even more important to make use of those small spaces.

This is where architecture comes into play. Have you seen those amazing beds that have storage space underneath, fold into sofas and can even be flipped around into a dinning table? Some very clever architects are working to make 1 or 2 room apartments where you sleep, eat, relax and cook in the same room very fashionable. By making use of small spaces you can make tiny apartments feel much bigger. It’s all about minimalism.

Lifts and mobility aids

The world has an aging population. People are living longer than ever and we need to start creating homes that cater to the problems our eldest generations are dealing with. The biggest issue is mobility.

Lifts and mobility aids are often thought of as clunky. They get in the way and frankly, they’re a bit of an eyesore. But recently a new company has emerged (one I’m very fond of) called Lift Up. Their Easy Lift product can go both indoors and outdoors, is made of straight, minimalistic lines and can be customised. If you have lovely dark wood floors in your home, the easy lift can be furnished in the same wood colours and stains so it fits in seamlessly! Read more about Easy Lift here, it’s a fusion between architectural beauty and mechanical usability.

Saving the environment

Finally, let’s not forget about how architects are saving the planet. Yes, we admit that some architects do go a bit crazy, using rare woods and materials that will never be recycled… but other architects are making leaps and bounds when it comes to environmentally friendly designs.

Solar panels can be intricately designed into the structure of a home so you never even notice them! Others use recycled glass to create beautiful mosaic windows and industrial looking machine pieces to make table tops and unique features – a popular steampunk style.

We’re also designing homes so that they use less heat to keep warm and reduce the waste that’s made during the actual manufacturing of the home. There are lots of ways that architects can use sustainable materials – by doing so they are improving the environment, helping nature to recover and therefore improving living standards for everyone who lives on this planet!