3 Points To Look For In An Import Assistant Company For A Smooth Boat Import To Australia


Getting a boat is a major purchase and no matter whether you decide to buy a new or used one, you will have to consider some benefits and some risks too. If you are planning to buy a watercraft and not sure about where to start, here are a few tips that will help you out to make the right decision.

1. Find the Right Vessel

Purchasing a watercraft from another country usually means coming across people you never met in the past. You can see hoards of free classified ads on the internet that seem too good to be true. Yes, it’s probably a scam.

Be realistic. Do your research. Take help of pros. Prefer a company like Dazmac that can provide you the information of export, shipping and certification inquiries from some of the most reputable marine dealers in the country.

Such a company should be fully licensed and should have contracts with world’s largest ship companies. The company should have the authority to purchase and resell space on cargo ships and issue their own bills of lading.

What’s the advantage of this to you? You can contact them directly and so, you can potentially save significant time and money by directly dealing with the contract holder as compared to a chain of middlemen.

2. Buying a Vessel Directly from the Company or through their Brokerage Division

If the company has their own in-house boat dealership through which they purchase bulk trade-ins from major retailers and if they also buy from individuals and banks, you can buy a boat straight from them.

Inquire for how many years they are in the business. Such companies may focus on absorbing distressed inventory as well as floor-plan vessels from dealers in need of cash and resell them locally and abroad. Look if they have consignment boats on display so that you can choose one.

The company should have a great reputation and knowledge as a key player in the country from where you want to buy the boat, in the domestic as well as international watercraft market, so that you can seek their help to find the boat you want.

Their network of banks and dealers should be great so they can surely find what you need if they don’t have it in the stock.

3. Always Ready to Help

Whether you buy their stock boat or from another dealer, an ideal company is happy to help you at every step from checking to final delivery of your vessel to Australia. They can help you with:

  • Finding the right boat that meats (or even exceeds) your needs regarding equipment, condition and price.
  • Negotiation of deal including accident reports, title searches, status of earlier owners, etc.
  • Survey and physical checkup with their partnering marine surveyors, mechanics and other experts
  • Closing the deal by acting as intermediary for international purchasers
  • Pre-shipping logistics by assisting in coordinating marina loadings, haul-outs, boat ramp pickups and inland transport/trucking through their in-house logistics unit
  • As Australia has very strict and particular import restrictions for boats, the company should assist you in sanitation, de-gassing of refrigerants and fumigation of your boat to pass the checking of AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service).

Their Australia shipping team may help you with:

  • Sanitizing vessels before port delivery – AQIS will stop all vessels that are soiled and dirty to check if there are parasite/insect infestations
  • De-gassing of:
    • Refrigeration
    • Air-conditioning systems
    • HVAC
    • HCFC
    • HFC
  • Fumigation of cradles and boats to meet AQIS standards (Methyl Bromide 3.0 lbs/1,000 cubit feet/24 hours)
  • Providing HVAC Customs Certification

Visit https://www.dazmac.com.au/import-a-boat-from-the-USA-to-Australia.html to see how Dazmac International Logistics can assist you with all these aspects and get you your perfect boat. Choose such a company and get the boat of your dreams.